Canadian Code of Practice


The Code of Practice is a national guideline for the care and handling of farm animals, developed by the .

It contains requirements and recommended practices on topics such as:

  • Food and water (i.e,. nutrition requirements, space per bird required, etc.)

  • Environment management (i.e., temperature in barn, air quality, etc.)

  • Housing (i.e., housing systems, etc.)

  • Handling and transportation (i.e., how the birds are handled, transit time, etc.)

The Code promotes sound management and welfare practices and is developed through a process that includes input from farmers, processors, researchers, government, veterinarians, foodservice and retail representatives, as well as input from animal welfare organizations. Gathering input from a variety of industry stakeholders allows for a science- and consensus-based code to be developed.

This code development process ensures credibility through a scientific basis, stakeholder collaboration and a consistent approach.

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To see more about how these Codes are developed, check out this video from the National Farm Animal Care Council: